Thursday, January 29, 2009

More photos

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the last few days:

This is the first haircut that Kadin has not screamed through the entire thing (he still screamed at the beginning) and has sat on his own; which means that I don't have to get covered in hair trimmings anymore! YEAH!
Right after his haircut, giving Daddy his version of a smile (looks more like a grimace to me!)

Last night, when Kadin and I went in to read the nightly story, he picked "Grouchy Ladybug" and when I started to read it, he grabbed it and told me that he was going to read it to me. Since we have read that book about 9 million times, he could go through and recite the story pretty well from memory. He knew all the animals! It was pretty fun listening to him (and it was nice to have a story read to me for a change!)

Jeremy and I have been sick with a pretty nasty cold these last couple weeks. We were hoping not to pass it on to the kids, but how do you not get close to a newborn who needs to be held and rocked a lot? Kadin escaped, but Kylee did not. She has been snuffly and congested for the last couple days, and today she was having a hard time sleeping because of the congestion. She did great propped up and since I wasn't going to hold her for every single nap she took, she has been sleeping in her carseat today. (P.S. while we have had this cold, I discovered a new favorite thing; tissues with lotion AND Vicks in them. So while you are blowing your nose, you get a nice hit of menthol and added nose clearing! It says something about my life when I get excited about Kleenex!)

I love that Kylee is a redhead! She has the cutest strawberry blonde hair and I hope she keeps it for a while! She is so cute!

Kadin is always asking to hold Kylee, so this time I took my hands away (quickly!) and snapped a couple pictures. Kylee looks scared to death, which I would probably be too if I was at Kadin's mercy!

During nap time, Kylee and I had a little photo shoot and these are some of my favorite pictures of her. I think she is pretty adorable!

P.S. Kylee had another weight check on Monday and she is 7 lbs. 1 1/2 oz. We are so happy she is putting on the pounds quick!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Photo catch-up

The last two weeks of our lives, in pictures:

I love this picture of Kylee because she looks like such a bleached blonde surfer baby
My brothers lined her up with some money to show how big she was

Our new family of four!

Devin took Kadin out for some fun in the snow while Jeremy and I were at the hospital

I'm sad I missed seeing Kadin play in all the snow . . . who knows
if it will ever happen again!

Kadin and Grandpa racing their cars on Christmas morning (Kadin
always won because he gave his a little extra "oomph" at the start)

What a surprise; the cardboard box is way cooler than the toy
that came in it!

Christmas was fun, but exhausting!

We took advantage of having family and friends in town and blessed Kylee while everyone was here. We couldn't find a Sunday in church when it would work so we got permission to bless her in our home on Sunday night after Christmas. It was such a special time and it was so great to see her surrounded by all those men that love her. I am so grateful to have the priesthood in my family and in my home to have these moments for our family.

The three of us

I love how she holds her hands up to her face when she sleeps

One of the few times we have caught her with her eyes open
It amazing to think that so much has happened in so short a time. We are slowly getting adjusted to having Kylee in our lives and working out being a family of four instead of three. Jeremy and I are learning to function on less-than-enough sleep and I am nervously looking at Monday when he goes back to work and leaves me alone! Hope everyone else had a great holiday and thanks for all your good wishes and help! Love you all tons!