Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tender mercies

Tender mercies . . . I have seen a lot of these in my life recently. Whether it has been in a book I have read, and Ensign article, or something someone has said, I have had the answer, reassurance or comfort I needed when I needed it.

Recently, I attended the funeral of a family friend. The feeling at the funeral was a mix of sadness and . . . I wouldn't say joy, because I don't think anyone feels joy at the death of a loved one, but there was something of relief because he had been fighting ALS for the last three years and was deteriorating rapidly. There were wonderful things said about him but the thing that really hit me was something that his wife said during her remarks. She was talking about their early life together and how difficult it was for her with young children at home. She spoke about feeling restless and agitated with her life, thinking that this was not the direction that she envisioned for her life. Then she talked about how she woke up one morning and made a conscious choice to choose joy. Those words really stood out to me, "CHOOSE JOY". I can sit aaround waiting for the stars to align and everything to work out like a Disney movie, or I can look at the life I have (which is pretty dang good when I sit down and think about it) and find the joy already there.

I have been making an effort to "choose joy" lately and it really has made a difference. I feel happier, more able to tackle the difficulties that inevitably come, and I feel like my relationship with my kids and husband is going so much more smoothly. I am making a cute crafty sign for my bathroom to remind me every day that joy is a choice and one I am going to make!

Friday, August 14, 2009

July and August (so far)

Wow, I just realized that it has been a LONG time since I have updated this! But it all makes sense when I look back and see what the last few months have been full of . . . holidays, a wedding, a few birthdays, and just plain life! So here are some quick photo highlights of life since the last post.

Kylee has learned a new trick; sticking her foot in her mouth. It looks incredibly painful, but she seems to enjoy it!Kylee is looking cute and ready for a dip in the pool!

I set the timer on the camera to capture this moment with Kadin in our kiddie pool on the deck. We spent quite a bit of time in that pool when the temperatures hit the 100's for a while.
Jordan came home for the 4th of July weekend and he spent a bunch of time with Kadin, particularly getting him to expand his eating habits.
Kadin had a great time digging in the sand pit right outside the front door of our beach house.
I admit it, I am one of those dorky mothers who dress their kids up for every holiday. But when they look this cute, how can I resist????

After getting up at 4 in the morning to catch our early flight to Utah, Jeremy was whisked away to Lagoon for Jordan's "bachelor party".
After their Lagoon adventure, the boys met back up with Mom, the kids and me back at my Grandpa Batty's and Devin joined Kadin in the AMAZING pay structure they had just built back there.
Congratulations to Jordan and Molly! They looked AMAZING and so incredibly happy. Whaty a great experience to share with them.
The four Theurer kids together again.
What a cute couple! To see more pictures go to http://wendyandersonphotography.blogspot.com/ and look for the entries labeled "Jordan and Molly" wedding. They are beautiful pictures.
Relaxing on the lawn before the reception. It was SOOOOO hot that day, we were all melting!
Because of the heat, Jordan and Molly had Otter Pops at their reception. What a great idea! It was certainly appreciated by Kadin, who had about 10, I think. By the way, doesn't he look studly in his little orange tie? Funny story: I asked Ben and Devin to get the kids dressed up in their nice clothes while we were in the temple during the sealing and when I came out, Kadin ran up to me and proudly told me "I loook 'sax-y'". Apparently, his uncles had thought it would be funny to teach him to say he looked sexy. Now whenever he sees the orange tie, he tells me how "sax-y" he looks in it.
I just love this picture!
The boys have a constant competition going on about who is the favorite uncle, but I think they have met their match. Kadin immediately latched on to Molly and followed her EVERYWHERE! Jordan gets points for being married to her, but the other two . . . better step up your game!

Playing in the pool at grandma's house. These two kids LOVE the water and love to splash each other.
Kadin got an ice-cream cone as a reward for peeing in Grandma's potty but more of the treat ended up in the lawn and on his clothes than in his mouth. Side note: that was the last time he peed in the potty for the past few weeks . . . any hints/help for a stubborn potty trainee would be much appreciated!
Kadin is taking a tumbling class at THPRD and is loving the chance to jump on trampolines, crawl over and under mats and turn somersaults.
My mom and I took the kids to a pool nearby that had a shallow kids section with a waterfall, spouts and a water-slide. Kadin was FEARLESS on the water-slide. He went down a couple times with my mom while I held Kylee, but then he was all about doing it himself.
We had Jeremy's birthday party (I cannot believe he is 30!!!!!!!) at my parent's house. The pool was set up and I didn't think that the kids were going to get in because it was a little bit cool outside, but that didn't stop them! Clothes and all, they were splashing up a storm.Jeremy requested my dad's FABULOUS ribs for his birthday dinner. YUMMY!
The boys helped Jeremy blow out his birthday candles.
Jeremy also had PLENTY of help opening his presents.
WHEW! Looking back it has been a crazy, but fun, few months.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

More of me

In case you aren't already sick of me and my odd ramblings . . . I have started another blog. I know; one is enough right? Well, this one is solely for my reading habit . . . addiction . . . obsession . . . however you choose to categorize it! I will talk about what I am currently reading, what I think about it and any books that spark my interest. Come visit!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My oddball child

I got Kadin a little pool for our back deck because it has been so hot lately, and he loves to play in the water. It took a couple days for us to find the time to set it up, but we got it filled on Saturday. Of course Saturday was the day that it decided to cloud up and get cold. That didn't stop Kadin from wanting to get in! So he suited up and climbed in. Undaunted by the cold, he splashed around for a while and probably would have kept going if we didn't pull him out (the chattering teeth and blue lips were a pretty good sign that it was time). I think we will be spending quite a bit of time out on our back deck this summer.

Kadin thrilled to be in the pool!

Jeremy showed Kadin how to fully immerse himself in the experience

Kadin was pretty proud of his "crazy hair" after dunking his head

To go with the pool, I got Kadin some goggles. Instead of being used in the water, he has dubbed them "woggle-goggles" (in honor of Scott's Wobble-Goggles from Imagination Movers, one of his new favorite shows) and decided they have more application in watching TV and looking for missing items.

What do you get????

What do you get when you mix . . .
30 pounds of strawberries . . . .
35+ pounds of sugar . . .

22 boxes of pectin . . .

a LOT of mashing, stirring and waiting . . .

47 boxes of freezer jam!!!!!! Yummy!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happiness is . . .

an overflowing bookshelf. I was putting stuff away today and finally cleaned off the stack of books that had accumulated on the bedside table, but when I went to put them on the bookshelf, it was hard to find room for them. Looking at the books shelved neatly on the shelves and stashed haphazardly in the cupboards below just really made me smile today. The collection in our bedroom now is just the most recent finds, I have several boxes packed away in storage waiting for the day when we have the room to accomodate multiple bookshelves (or maybe the library room of my dreams). I am a book fiend; I can never read enough or have enough. I love to browse the books at Costco to find new titles to look for at the library and every once in a while I'll make a trip to Goodwill to pick up some cheap books! But I have to say my absolute favorite book store is Robert's Books in Lincoln City. Every time we go to the coast we HAVE to make a stop there. Just walking in and smelling the musty, salty air around all those books makes me smile! I can browse in there for hours and find TONS of books that I want, but I always limit myself to a reasonable number (what I think is reasonable anyway; Jeremy may disagree!). I can't wait to go over 4th of July weekend and find some new treasures! I love to hear what other people are reading . . . let me know if you find anything you love!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not much to report

It's been a LONG time since I have posted on here! Everytime I go to post something, I think about what to write and decide that everything is to boring. Even now when I think back on what we have been doing lately, there is nothing post-worthy.

Oh, well I guess I can think of a one thing. Opus Interactive (Jeremy's work) has been doing some reorganization and restructuring of the employees and in the process, Jeremy got a promotion! He is now VP of Sales and Operations (I hope I got that right!). He is really excited about the opportunity to help steer and build the company; I know he is going to do great! Congratulations to him!!!

Other than that, we have been pretty low-key lately. We have some fun stuff coming up in the next month or so. I am really excited to head to the beach with lots of family to celebrate the 4th of July and then we fly out to Utah to see Jordan get married. I am still amazed that my little brother is getting married . . . guess he's not so little anymore! I am thrilled to have another female added to the Theurer ranks (we will still be outnumbered, but every little bit helps) and I think Molly and Jordan are so great together! I am so excited for the two of them.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fun videos

A little while ago Jeremy got me a Flip, a tiny handheld camera that I can use to take quick little videos of the kids. I LOVE it! We have a larger handheld camera that is great for extended videos, but for everyday use, this Flip is amazing. I can leave it on the counter, throw it in my bag, tuck it in a sweatshirt pocket. and it is right there, ready to grab when the kids do something funny; such as . . .

The first video is the first big laugh that I heard out of Kylee. She was laying on the bed and Kadin was jumping around next to her (with me constantly guarding that he kept jumping around and not on). He jumped up, landed on his butt and she just busted up laughing. They kept going for about 5 minutes and I finally realized that I should get it on camera. I got this last really good one and then she decided that it really wasn't funny anymore.

The second video I took today when I was feeding her applesauce for the first time. We have been giving her rice cereal for a couple weeks because the doctor suggested it might help her cut down on the barfing (which it hasn't) and I decided to try her on something maybe a little more appetizing. She kept making the funniest faces! I love my little baby girl!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mysteries of the Universe

How is it that someone as cute as this . . .
makes something as disgusting as this?!?!?!?!?!
Kylee is a constant fountain of urp-age; all day, every day. This is whole new territory for me, Kadin rarely spit up and when he did it was a polite little dribble that barely made it past his chin. Kylee, on the other hand, has mastered nearly every kind of spit-up you can imagine: dribble, spout, projectile . . . let your imagination run wild! And it's not just after she eats, it is ALL the time. Sometimes she is clean for a couple hours after she eats and then out of nowhere, with no provocation . . . URP! She and I both go through about three shirts a day (I should probably just start stapling burp cloths to my shoulder). She has tons of cute clothes, but no one will ever see them because they are always hidden under her gigantic bibs (which somehow can't contain all the urp this little girl has in her). All I can say is YUCK!


Happy Easter! Okay I know I'm late, but really is that such a surprise from me? As always, this weekend was a little chaotic (in a good way) and now I can finally breathe enough to take the time to write about it.

Friday night we had one of Jeremy's old college friends, Amy, come and visit with her husband, Jared. Their story completely breaks my heart and inspires me all at the same time. Five weeks after they got married Jared was in a car accident and was severely brain damaged and paralyzed. Now Amy has full time care of him, while she is trying to finish up her degree at Utah State. Just watching her manuever him out of the car and into our house made me marvel at how much she has taken on and how much I admire her for stepping up to the challenge. This was certainly not the life she signed up for or imagined, but she seems to be rising to the challenge and making the best of what she has been given. I wish I could deal with my own small trials with as much strength.

Saturday, Kadin got up at the crack of dawn (it is a sad day when your 3 month old sleeps longer than your 3 year old!) and came into bed with us. Since he got up so early, we knew he was going to take a nap earlier, but unfortunately he crashed right as we had to go to our ward activity. Both kids were screaming as we headed to the church and I have to admit, it was pretty tempting to swing the car around and head home. But we went, and it turned out pretty well. Kadin got to play with his new favorite person; Matthew. He lives down the street and every day Kadin tells me how much he loves Matthew and how much Matthew loves him. That night Matthew came over with his dad so the boys could play while the dads watched the Lumberjax game. The boys got to dye eggs and fight clankers (Star Wars) and the Lumberjax won; pretty good night.

Sunday we did an Easter egg hunt for Kadin in his room and I got to take a huge nap on the couch with Kylee. I slept a little too long and ended up being totally rushed for church. I didn't get to take the cute pictures of the kids all dressed up like I had planned, but oh well. I can always dress them up during the week! After church we went to Mom and Dad Sherwood's house and had a fantastic Easter dinner with them and Jason and Andi. We love living so close to our families!
Fun pictures from our fun weekend:

Kadin and Matthew dying Easter eggs

The finished products

Kadin joyfully looking for eggs (the mismatched pajamas are of his own making)

Depositing the goods into his basket

Discovering the fun inside the eggs

Our family all dressed up for Easter

Birthday Boys

Having Kadin and Justis' birthday's so close has been fun because we can get everyone together and celebrate. This year we went up to Jason and Andi's on conference Sunday for some presents and cake!
Kadin goes after the presents with gusto!
Andi made Justis and Kadin matching superhero capes and masks! How cute are these two?!?

Birthday cupcakes for the birthday boys

Kadin showing off how much he is enjoying his birthday cupcake

Kadin has fallen in love with the new Star Wars animated series so we got him the first few episodes on DVD

Along with the DVD, Kadin got his very own light saber so he can be a "Jeni" everyday!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break and Sunshine

For spring break, my mom took me and the kids with her on a whirlwind trip to Utah. The car ride down there was a little rough; 12 hours stretched into 14 because of antsy kids and several unplanned stops at McDonald's playplaces to stretch legs. We stopped in Logan first and visited with my Uncle Greg and family and Grandpa and Karen. I was a little paranoid having my active 3 year old in my Grandpa's house (it is a beautiful house and full of gorgeous things just waiting to be broken!), but he did pretty well. Karen invited her kids and grandkids over for dinner while we were there so Kadin got to play with some other kids his age. It was crowded and a little crazy, but so much fun!

After Logan, we went down to Provo to visit the three boys. We were a little frustrated because the snow that wasn't supposed to be there had followed us from Logan to Provo! I was so tired of being cold!!!! We had a great time going out to dinner with the boys, Molly and Hyrum. Everyone came over to our hotel and hung out with us for a while. It was so fun to have everyone together. It was also great to watch my cute little brother Jordan and his fiance Molly together; they are so cute and I am so excited for the two of them!

After another quick stop in Logan, we headed back for home. The ride home went a little bit better, but I still am in no hurry to jump back in a car for an extended period of time with those two kids! They are great kids, but neither one of them travels well. Looks like we'll be sticking close to home for a while!

Fun Videos from our trip:

Kadin and Grandma Theurer playing ball

Kadin playing with Uncle Ben at Apex offices

Monday, March 9, 2009

By the way

For those who were brave enough to sign up for me to make them something; I am pretty excited! I have it narrowed down to a couple choices, but you will have to wait and see what it will end up being! For Cari, Aimie and Taya, the lucky (we'll see if you still think so after you get your thing!) ones, I need to know what is a favorite quote/scripture of yours and what colors do you like/have in your homes.

Almost done

As I am writing this, my two-year-old is in the tub and my two-month-old is snuggled up with Daddy downstairs so I have a few blissful moments where I can just sit and take a breath. There is a gigantic pile of laundry next to me waiting to be folded (I am pretty proud of myself; I spent the whole day doing laundry and can now say there is not a dirty piece of laundry anywhere in our house . . . at least for the next hour until Jeremy and I change for bed.), but it is going to keep on waiting!

Our family finally caught the dreaded cold that has been passed around everywhere, but only half of us have been afflicted. Kadin and I have been sniffling and coughing for the last couple days, but Jeremy and Kylee are thus far safe. Let's hope it stays that way; I really don't want to have a sick baby!

Other than that, not a whole lot has been going on in our lives. I am trying to think what is new or exciting and the answer is, truthfully, not much. I am getting antsy for spring and warm weather; both because I hate being cold all the time and because Kadin really needs to get out of the house and be outside to burn off some of his excess energy. But I think that is still a little ways off seeing as how it snowed again today! Nothing stuck, but the gently falling flakes have lost their charm and I would be plenty happy to not see them again anytime soon!

I have found a new obesssion; making bows for Kylee. Thanks Annie and your great online how-to book! I went to the craft store this weekend and picked up a ton of different kinds of ribbon to make Kylee bows to match all her cute clothes. I think I am getting the hang of it and they are turning out pretty cute! I am totally going to be that nerdy mom that has a different colored bow for every outfit, but I'm only going to have a little girl once, so I might as well enjoy it and live it up! I will have to post some pictures of her modeling her clothes and bows; I think she is pretty darn cute, but then again I am biased!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gift give away

One of my friends had this on her blog and I thought it was a fun idea! I promise not to be horribly offended if no one is interested in something made by me . . . I don't blame you! I just thought it would be fun to see what happened. And if you are brave enough to comment, I promise to use all my creative juices to come up with something fun!

The first Three people to comment on this post will get something made by me! My choice--but just for you.This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:
1. I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!
2. What I create will be just for you.
3. It'll be done this year
4. You will have no clue what it is going to be.
5. I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.
The catch? Oh, the catch is that you must re-post this on your blog. The first 3 people to do so and leave a comment telling me you did, will win a marvelous homemade gift by me! Let the games begin!! Oh, and I have to be able to contact you with mailing information!!! I promise it will be something good!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Here comes the sun

I am so excited to have a sunny day! I am so tired of winter and cannot wait for spring to get here. I am ready for warm weather and getting out of the house! I think Kadin is getting anxious for spring too; being cooped up in our house is driving both of us a little crazy.

Jeremy and I had a wonderful Valentine's day weekend at the beach (thank you a million times over to both sets of parents who made it possible for us to have three days of escape). We went to Lincoln City, an old Sherwood/Theurer vacation staple, but we stayed in a new house Jeremy found for us. It was gorgeous! We got to go shopping at the outlet mall (since we were given so many baby clothes, Jeremy was pretty firm on not letting me buy any more. It was so hard to reisist all the adorable baby dresses!!!), eat at our favorite restaurant Mo's, go to my favorite bookstore in the world, Roberts, and just spend time together. The house we stayed in had bikes to ride, so when the weather got nice we took a spin around the neighborhood (until my thighs started to burn and I remembered how out of shape I am). We also got to soak in the hot tub . . . mmmmmmm.

When we came back, I was ready to go back to the business of being a mommy. It's amazing how a little time away can recharge the batteries and remind me of the good things about being home with the two kids. We've had the normal ups and downs like always, but I have a little bit more "oomph" to ride the roller-coaster again.

This is the house we stayed in: "Siren by the Sea"
This bike made me feel like I should be wearing saddle shoes, it looks like something from a 50's movie. It was hilarious to ride a bike again (I couldn't remember the last time I had).

Sitting on the potty, watching a movie and eating Cheerios. Somehow we will get this figured out!

I put Kylee in the chair on top of some blankets while I went to go fix lunch for Kadin and me. When I turned around, she had put herself to sleep! Why can't that happen all the time?

She is so much more awake and alert now, it is fun to watch her watching everything around her. And I love having a little girl to dress up all frilly and pretty!