Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mysteries of the Universe

How is it that someone as cute as this . . .
makes something as disgusting as this?!?!?!?!?!
Kylee is a constant fountain of urp-age; all day, every day. This is whole new territory for me, Kadin rarely spit up and when he did it was a polite little dribble that barely made it past his chin. Kylee, on the other hand, has mastered nearly every kind of spit-up you can imagine: dribble, spout, projectile . . . let your imagination run wild! And it's not just after she eats, it is ALL the time. Sometimes she is clean for a couple hours after she eats and then out of nowhere, with no provocation . . . URP! She and I both go through about three shirts a day (I should probably just start stapling burp cloths to my shoulder). She has tons of cute clothes, but no one will ever see them because they are always hidden under her gigantic bibs (which somehow can't contain all the urp this little girl has in her). All I can say is YUCK!


Happy Easter! Okay I know I'm late, but really is that such a surprise from me? As always, this weekend was a little chaotic (in a good way) and now I can finally breathe enough to take the time to write about it.

Friday night we had one of Jeremy's old college friends, Amy, come and visit with her husband, Jared. Their story completely breaks my heart and inspires me all at the same time. Five weeks after they got married Jared was in a car accident and was severely brain damaged and paralyzed. Now Amy has full time care of him, while she is trying to finish up her degree at Utah State. Just watching her manuever him out of the car and into our house made me marvel at how much she has taken on and how much I admire her for stepping up to the challenge. This was certainly not the life she signed up for or imagined, but she seems to be rising to the challenge and making the best of what she has been given. I wish I could deal with my own small trials with as much strength.

Saturday, Kadin got up at the crack of dawn (it is a sad day when your 3 month old sleeps longer than your 3 year old!) and came into bed with us. Since he got up so early, we knew he was going to take a nap earlier, but unfortunately he crashed right as we had to go to our ward activity. Both kids were screaming as we headed to the church and I have to admit, it was pretty tempting to swing the car around and head home. But we went, and it turned out pretty well. Kadin got to play with his new favorite person; Matthew. He lives down the street and every day Kadin tells me how much he loves Matthew and how much Matthew loves him. That night Matthew came over with his dad so the boys could play while the dads watched the Lumberjax game. The boys got to dye eggs and fight clankers (Star Wars) and the Lumberjax won; pretty good night.

Sunday we did an Easter egg hunt for Kadin in his room and I got to take a huge nap on the couch with Kylee. I slept a little too long and ended up being totally rushed for church. I didn't get to take the cute pictures of the kids all dressed up like I had planned, but oh well. I can always dress them up during the week! After church we went to Mom and Dad Sherwood's house and had a fantastic Easter dinner with them and Jason and Andi. We love living so close to our families!
Fun pictures from our fun weekend:

Kadin and Matthew dying Easter eggs

The finished products

Kadin joyfully looking for eggs (the mismatched pajamas are of his own making)

Depositing the goods into his basket

Discovering the fun inside the eggs

Our family all dressed up for Easter

Birthday Boys

Having Kadin and Justis' birthday's so close has been fun because we can get everyone together and celebrate. This year we went up to Jason and Andi's on conference Sunday for some presents and cake!
Kadin goes after the presents with gusto!
Andi made Justis and Kadin matching superhero capes and masks! How cute are these two?!?

Birthday cupcakes for the birthday boys

Kadin showing off how much he is enjoying his birthday cupcake

Kadin has fallen in love with the new Star Wars animated series so we got him the first few episodes on DVD

Along with the DVD, Kadin got his very own light saber so he can be a "Jeni" everyday!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break and Sunshine

For spring break, my mom took me and the kids with her on a whirlwind trip to Utah. The car ride down there was a little rough; 12 hours stretched into 14 because of antsy kids and several unplanned stops at McDonald's playplaces to stretch legs. We stopped in Logan first and visited with my Uncle Greg and family and Grandpa and Karen. I was a little paranoid having my active 3 year old in my Grandpa's house (it is a beautiful house and full of gorgeous things just waiting to be broken!), but he did pretty well. Karen invited her kids and grandkids over for dinner while we were there so Kadin got to play with some other kids his age. It was crowded and a little crazy, but so much fun!

After Logan, we went down to Provo to visit the three boys. We were a little frustrated because the snow that wasn't supposed to be there had followed us from Logan to Provo! I was so tired of being cold!!!! We had a great time going out to dinner with the boys, Molly and Hyrum. Everyone came over to our hotel and hung out with us for a while. It was so fun to have everyone together. It was also great to watch my cute little brother Jordan and his fiance Molly together; they are so cute and I am so excited for the two of them!

After another quick stop in Logan, we headed back for home. The ride home went a little bit better, but I still am in no hurry to jump back in a car for an extended period of time with those two kids! They are great kids, but neither one of them travels well. Looks like we'll be sticking close to home for a while!

Fun Videos from our trip:

Kadin and Grandma Theurer playing ball

Kadin playing with Uncle Ben at Apex offices