Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fun videos

A little while ago Jeremy got me a Flip, a tiny handheld camera that I can use to take quick little videos of the kids. I LOVE it! We have a larger handheld camera that is great for extended videos, but for everyday use, this Flip is amazing. I can leave it on the counter, throw it in my bag, tuck it in a sweatshirt pocket. and it is right there, ready to grab when the kids do something funny; such as . . .

The first video is the first big laugh that I heard out of Kylee. She was laying on the bed and Kadin was jumping around next to her (with me constantly guarding that he kept jumping around and not on). He jumped up, landed on his butt and she just busted up laughing. They kept going for about 5 minutes and I finally realized that I should get it on camera. I got this last really good one and then she decided that it really wasn't funny anymore.

The second video I took today when I was feeding her applesauce for the first time. We have been giving her rice cereal for a couple weeks because the doctor suggested it might help her cut down on the barfing (which it hasn't) and I decided to try her on something maybe a little more appetizing. She kept making the funniest faces! I love my little baby girl!