Friday, September 24, 2010

I go from the 5th to the 24th without any updates . . . I really am trying to get better at this! Let's see if I can remember what has happened since then.

Since we have so many birthdays in the family in September, we decided a few years ago to celebrate them all together. We got together with Mom and Dad Sherwood, Mom and Dad Theurer, Jason, Andi, Justis and Nia at my parents house for dinner and dessert. The kids got to run around and play outside, which they always LOVE. For dessert, I had a craving that morning for doughnuts so I had the idea to do a doughnut bar. I made the doughnut dough and we fried them fresh, then everyone could chooose which glaze they wanted (maple, vanilla or chocolate) and then a bunch of toppings to dip in (sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, coconut, toffee pieces). It was so much fun and sooooo yummy! Who doesn't love fried food? Horribly bad for you but oh so delicious!

The other big thing going on around here is that Kadin started preschool a couple weeks ago. He is loving it and so am I! We were going to put him into the pre-K program at the local elementary, but due to budget cuts the program got canceled. So after talking to a bunch of people, we decided to go with a preschool run by the church down the road from us. They have a great program and some of Kadin's friends from the ward were going to be there. We went to the parent orentiation and got their full missionary effort. We got invited to their worship service, song service, potluck dinner, coffee hour, and I'm sure a few other things I forgot. I can definetely tell it's a church-based preschool because nearly every handout he brings home has something about God or Jesus. He is having a great time and loves going, even though I have no idea what he does beyond snack time and play on the playground (every time I ask him what he did in class, those are the two answers I get.).

The time that Kadin is at preschool is a great chance for me to get some work done on the many projects I have in progress. I frequently find myself wishing that I had a craft room to work in so I could leave them all out in their various states of chaos, but I have to put them back into some semblance of order before they start to take over our bedroom (it's getting close). I've got the kid's Halloween costumes to finish, some holiday decorations for the house and a TON of stuff for Christmas. Yes, I am already working on Christmas stuff. Trust me, I will need all the time I can get if I am going to get all my plans done.

The weather has been so weird around here lately, sunny one day and rainy the next. This week started out kind of cold and drippy and I got pretty drippy myself. I blamed it on the change in weather and a recent run of late nights (staying up with Jeremy trying to catch up on Season 1 of Glee before we start watching Season 2), but I just kept going downhill. It started on Tuesday and by Thursday I was miserable. I could barely breathe out of my nose and my whole body felt like I had been beat with a stick. I seriously wondered if I had caught the flu somewhere. Then I had an awful realization. When I was filling my weeks pill organizer (yes, I am that lame, I have so many pills to take in the morning that I just throw them all together so I don't have to open a million bottles), I had forgotten to put in my prednisone. Such a small pill and yet it makes such a difference. I was surprised at how drastically my health changed in just a couple days. It was just another confirmation of how much I truly do depend on that drug; nasty side-effects and all. Even though I hate the side-effects, I am grateful that I have something that gives me a somewhat normal life.

Hopefully sometime soon I will get the pictures off my camera and uploaded to Picasa . . . just one more thing on my to-do list!

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Michaelangelo said...

Yay, I am so excited to see blog updates :) Hope everything is going well for you!