Saturday, September 27, 2008

quick catchup

Couple fun things this week:

- Jeremy got home safe and sound from England/India. I was so excited to see him and it was just about the greatest thing in the world to go to bed that night NOT ALONE! He came home feeling pretty nasty from all the traveling (he got seated next to someone who got airsick and barfed nearly the whole 15 hour flight from India to Chicago) and the time change, but after going to bed at 6 and sleeping through the night, he woke up feeling much more normal. The last few nights he has been waking up really early because he is still working on a different clock, but we're slowly getting back to normal. He got home on Wednesday and took the rest of the week off, minus a company golf event (like he was going to miss that one!). It was so great to have him home all the time and to be able to spend all that time together.

- I had another doctor's appointment for the baby this week. One of the few and far between benefits of having CSS is that my baby gets to be very photographed. We had our fourth ultrasound on Wednesday, to check the baby's heart and growth, and everything still looks great. Everything that is supposed to be there is there and the right size and so far no surprises. And she is still a girl; I actually asked the tech to double check for me! My biggest paranoia is a surprise on the delivery table! I'll post all the ultrasounds as soon as I get them in the computer so you can see the growth of our little girl.

- We have decided on a name for the newest Sherwood. Jeremy wanted to keep with the "K" names, which narrowed down our options quite a bit. So one night we were flipping through the name book and I came across Kylee and thought that was pretty and also kind of cool because it's like Kyle, who is one of Jeremy's best friends and was a big part of our dating/early married life because he was a roommate of Jeremy's during that first time. We both love Kyle to pieces and think he is one of the greatest people we know, so it was kind of fun to think of naming our little girl after him. After I talked to Jeremy about it, he said that he liked that the last part of the name was "Lee" like his middle name and then both our kids will have his "Lee" in their names. So for all of those reasons, we have picked Kylee for our little girl's name.

We also picked a middle name. We both wanted it to be something meaningful and family related, but we were a little stumped as to what direction to go in. My first thought was "Lela", my maternal grandmother's name. She died when I was 7 of breast cancer and her death made a huge impact on my life because she was the quintessential grandmother when I was growing up and I loved her to pieces. But I didn't like how Lela sounded with Kylee, with the "le" sounds, so I was a little stumped. Then Jeremy asked what my mom's middle name one and As I thought about it, it sounded really with Kylee and Sherwood. So, the final name (unless something absolutely AMAZING comes along in the meantime) is . . . . . . . .


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just checking

I just wanted to get a couple of other opinions to make sure that I am not going crazy . . . take a look at this card and tell me what you see.

Beyond the typical receptionist scrawl, does it not say that I have an appointment for Wed. September 17th at 10 am with Dr. Riddick. IT DOES?!?!?! That's the same thing that I thought, until I showed up at the office and the receptionist looked like I was speaking a foreign language when I told her I was there for my 10 o'clock appointment with Dr. Riddick. She told me that I couldn't possibly have an appointment with him because he wasn't even in the office. I didn't have the card to verify the appointment so she went to look in the computer. She continued on to tell me that I don't even have a future appointment in the books, so it wasn't like I had shown up on the wrong day, I'm sure in her mind I looked like some hypochondriac who HAD to be at the doctor's office. Right, like I would haul my active 2 year old son around the hospital for kicks and giggles! She looked in the doctor's notes to confirm why I was there for the appointment, to check on me mid-way through my pregnancy to make sure my lung function was still okay, and lo-and-behold, she can't even find mention of my pregnancy and nothing about a followup appointment until next January. By this time I was getting pretty frustrated, because while they are back doing whatever they are doing to prove to themselves that this was my screwup not theirs, Kadin is going bonkers in the waiting room (did I mention we had already been to one doctor's appointment this morning?). Finally she came back and was about to write me off and I said "I remember having the appointment card written because the woman who wrote it commented that it was her birthday" The receptionist looked at me in total shock and said "It's MY birthday today . . . I am SOOOOOO sorry!" Then she went off on this big long monologue of how it must not have gotten entered in the computer and she's never done this before . . . blah . blah . blah . . . . She made me another appointment and put me at the top of the "in case of cancellation" list. What I really wanted to say (even though I never would be able to because I am so anti-confrontational) "So does this mean you will be reimbursing me for the gas it took to drive here and back home, giving me some kind of restitution for the stress of bringing my child to a doctor's appointment and waiting for 20 minutes while you tried to figure out your own mistakes, and maybe throw in a little extra for your general incompetence?" After all this is the doctor's office that will charge you $100 for a no-show appointment and cancel your appointment if you are more than 10 minutes late. But they can no-show on their appointments by just not scheduling them and they run more than 10 minutes late be default . . . . . .where is the equality!!!!!

There is my doctor's office rant for a while. for the most part everything runs really smoothly at the offices I have to go to. There are a couple that I know I might be waiting longer, one that I know will be ridiculously slow, but this out of the blue craziness just makes me want to scream!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Flying Solo

Jeremy took off yesterday for a business trip to London and India. He's going to be gone until the 24th, which will make this the longest time we have been apart since we've been married! Thankfully I have bunches of family in the area so I am not totally alone, but it's still rough having him gone.

This past week before Jeremy took off was a whirlwind; I think we were off to somewhere or doing something every night of the week. Some were for fun, others were for church callings, but it all kept us pretty busy.

Towards the end of the week we got to some of the more fun things. Thursday we went to the Portland Street of Dreams. We had some snags getting there (miscommunication on when and where to meet, confusion on how to get there, etc.), but once we made it, it was a great time! The houses were beautiful, as always, but Jeremy and I both decided that we are much simpler people. I would not want to have a ginormous house for a couple reasons:
1. I would not want to clean it (but I guess if you are rich enough to afford such a big house, you are rich enough to hire someone to clean it)
2. It feels lonely to have so much space; you could go a whole day in some of those houses without running into another person
3. I would probably lose Kadin! He would run away and hide somewhere when he had a poopy diaper and I wouldn't find him for three days!

Friday night we had our big family September birthday party. Between all the extended family, we have four birthdays pretty close in September (me, Andi, Nia and my dad) so we decided a couple years ago to celebrate them all together. We went over to Mom and Dad Sherwood's for some birthday fun and dessert. I love it when Kadin can get together with his cousins; he goes crazy whenever we say that we get to see Nia and Justis. I love that they have such a fun relationship and we live close enough that they can all be friends instead of just cousins.

Busy week, but lots of fun things! Now I am just counting down the days until Jeremy comes home!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


A moment of celebration! One fully completed journaling page, complete with chipboard letters, painting, stiching and handwriting (the part I HATE HATE HATE to do). It's simple, clean and I love it!

Another page in progress, coming along super cute and faster than I anticipated. I may actually blow my old record out of the water and complete two page layouts in a week! I am unstoppable!

My craft room is a total disaster again . . . . the price one must pay for creativity!

Pictures to come soon

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

All is right

Today was one of those rare days when I actually felt like I was ahead of the game. I woke up this morning feeling fairly gross (lots of congestions, body aches, etc.) and was actually thinking it would be a day to simply survive. I had laundry creeping out of our closet, dishes stacked in the sink and just lots of stuff everywhere (why is it that the house always explodes during the weekend?). Surprisingly, I got through the laundry pretty quickly(including some of the folding, which usually takes me forever to do), and picked up the house as Kadin and I played around in the morning (he likes to chase me with his super arms, so I strategically led the chase into the rooms where I needed to go put things away! multitasking at its best!). We even got to play outside and best of all, Kadin played in his sandbox by himself for 1/2 an hour, which gave me time to work on some scrapbooking! It's been a full and productive day and I don't feel totally wiped out at the end of it! All is right in my world!

I feel like I am slowly, but surely getting my life and house in order so I can use the tiny moments of spare time I have better. I have been working on getting all the kitchen cabinets organized (and they will stay that way, I am determined), going through all the filing in the study and shredding a bunch of out-of-date papers that were cluttering things up and just generally clearing up the "stuff" that seems to overwhelm life. But out of all of that, I think the thing I am most excited about is I finally got all the pictures I had stuck in various boxes and envelopes sorted and put away in a good system so they are easy to find! And I got most of our digital pictures sorted chronologically so I can find them easily on the computer. I hope that being able to keep track of all out pictures will make myscrapbooking easier, and maybe I can spend time actually doing something with the pictures instead of trying to track them down!!!