Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's a . . . .

GIRL! If you couldn't tell by the color change on the blog background, we are thinking pink in our house after the ultrasound this morning. The baby was not very cooperative, she was sitting down really low and all curled up so the ultrasound tech had quite a hard time getting all the measurements that she wanted. Then towards the end of the ultrasound she started to look for the gender stuff and after a lot of wiggling and pushing and somewhat painful pokes from the tech, she declared it a girl.

Jeremy and I are both really excited about this new addition to our family. It really feels like it completes us, Mommy, Daddy, brother and sister. We took Kadin with us to the doctor's appointment and he got to see the baby in Mommy's tummy. While we were sitting there watching, he was making comments like "Hold still Mommy" and "See baby", but he pipes up with "Hab it" (have it). I looked at him and said "Have what?" He pointed at the ultrasound screen and said "Have baby. Baby come out" We had to explain that the baby needs to stay in Mommy's tummy for a while longer and get bigger, but it will come out soon and he will have a baby sister. I think it might be kind of starting to make an impact that there is actually another person coming to join our family.

The other good news is that the baby is looking good, all the measurements came out great on the ultrasound, she is measuring about a week smaller than her gestational age, but that has been consistent all along so it looks like we will be looking forward to another itty-bitty baby! The doctor told me that my case was pretty boring this time around; but in my world, boring is good!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

mid-pregnancy blah

I am laying here taking a load off while Kadin sleeps and just feeling "blah"! I'm at that point where I don't quite feel pregnant all the time, I just feel fat! My normal pants stopped fitting a while ago and I can't find any maternity pants that feel good. If I didn't look like such a schlump I would hang around in sweat pants all the time! I miss putting on a pair of jeans and just thinking "Ok, these make me feel like I look good!" Now it's just, "which pair makes me look the least bad?" Isn't the second trimester supposed to be the easy one?

On the happy side of things, I've started to feel little flutter kicks in my tummy. It's pretty fun when it all becomes real and I can start to feel the person growing in there. Can't wait until the 27th when we get the ultrasound and we can see he/she/it as a real baby instead of a peanut!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Beating the heat

Never again will I consider air conditioning an "extra" or a "luxury". After this week, I am fully convinced that it is a necessity and should be a standard feature in every home and car. It has been unbelievably hot here this week, over 100 a couple days this week. Needless to say, Kadin and I have hunkered down at home and survived fairly comfortably in our cool, climate-controlled home. When we did need to go out to run errands, it was miserable! I felt hot, sticky and just overall yucky! I think the yuckiest thing was constantly having hair sweat, when your head sweats and the roots of your hair get all wet, but the rest of your hair is dry . . . one of my least favorite feelings!

Even with the incredible heat, we did some fun things this week. Jeremy took me out on our somewhat regular Friday night date (some weeks we are really good at getting that time for just the two of us, but some weeks, not so much!). We went out to dinner and then downtown to Comedy Sportz, an improv comedy club. We got put in the front row and as we were waiting for it to start, some of the actors come out and do funny little puns like they are selling things at a baseball game. One woman's thing was holding an ice cube tray with a stuffed bear on top of it and yelling "Ice cold bear, who wants some ice cold bear?" (she said it with a thick accent so it was like she was saying "ice cold beer"). She came around to us and asked Jeremy if he wanted any, he declined and then she looked at me and asked. But as soon as she asked, she said "Oh no, I can't give you any!" I thought it was because I was pregnant, but she quickly followed it up with "I get in huge trouble giving beer to someone so young!" I know that someday I will be grateful for looking young, but right now it's kind of a pain.

Saturday morning we got up and went golfing with my parents and brother. Kadin and I just got to ride in the golf cart with my mom while the boys golfed. Kadin was loving "driving" with Grandma and he would jump out whenever we stopped and run over to the boys and ask "Kadin's turn?" to see if they would let him hit with their clubs. Since it was pretty early in the morning, it wasn't too hot, which was really nice. Thankfully, all that running around wore him out and he took a good nap.

I got to substitute in nursery again this week, and I am glad that this is the last week I have to do it. It was one little boy's first time in nursery so there was a lot of screaming and I had to hold him pretty much the whole time. It gave me a whole new respect for my mom who had to deal with all 4 kids under the age of 5 every day! I don't know how she did it! I'm kind of scared about having just two!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fun Find

My Mom got invited to join this website, kind of like a Facebook for book freaks! I have been clicking like crazy finding all these great books I had read and books that I want to read! If you love to read and want to find out what everyone else is reading and talk about what you're reading, check it out! Let me know if you sign up and then we can connect as "friends" and see what each other is reading. Pretty fun I think, but then I am the epitome of book freak!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

crazy days

Last Friday we celebrated Jeremy's birthday (actually on the 5th) with family and a HUGE barbecue. I had been stressing a little bit because we had to change location last minute (my parent's yard is still super crazy so thank you thank you thank you Mom Sherwood!), had a couple extra attendees (Grandma, Grandpa Theurer and Uncle Morgan came into town Friday afternoon, totally unexpected!), and I just wanted it to be great! Jeremy requested my dad's ribs (if you haven't experienced the ribs . . . . you haven't lived!), deviled eggs, twice baked potatoes, and then on top of that we had broccoli salad, green salad, fruit salad, corn on the cob, and then cake and ice cream for dessert! We had enough food to feed a million people!

But the party was great, everyone had a great time. Kadin was in seventh heaven playing with his cousins. I think he pretty much worships the ground that they walk on. They played hide and seek (Kadin didn't quite get the concept of staying hidden, he got too much of a kick out of jumping out and being found!).

The next day we spent doing yard work at my parent's house again. Their yard is slowly coming along, slowly getting to where they want it to be. Kadin was again having the time of his life playing in the dirt. He gets to be more and more typical boy every day; destruction, dirt and devious behavior! But I love him!

Today I think we took on our biggest challenge. The 15 minute potty trips weren't working, and actually making him get upset about sitting on the potty. I didn't want to make the potty a negative thing in his mind so I decided to try a different tactic. So after talking with Andi and picking her brain for what worked with Justis (her son who is a year older than Kadin), I decided to just do it 100% and get rid of diapers! So today we got up and got dressed . . . . . in big boy underwear! Or as Kadin calls them "boy wears". We talked about how cool it is that he gets to wear big boy underwear, just like Justis, and this means that he needs to go pee-pee in the potty. Then off we went for a day of what was sure to be excitment! Here's the quick run down:
7 pairs of underwear
5 pairs of shorts
2 shirts
2 towels
1 blanket
3 rags (for cleaning the carpet)
1 diaper (for nap time)
and still no pee-pee in the toilet! The most frustrating is when I actually saw him begin to pee (on the carpet) and quickly rushed him off to the potty where we sat for 10-15 minutes with me coaching him and encouraging him to put the rest of the pee pee in the potty. Kadin's contribution "Pee-pee come out of tummy!" Still, the bowl remained empty and after 15 minutes I was ok with Kadin saying "all done" and getting up. On went another pair of "wears" and off we went, only to discover Kadin peeing all over himself five minutes later! I was hoping that the wet feeling of the soaked underwear would be some sort of motivation to make potty training attractive, but I have been blessed with the child who has no sense of personal hygiene. He could care less if he was wet, poopy, has snot all over his face; none of it phases him in the least!

But it's only the first day. I am gritting my teeth and going for another day in the underwears tomorrow and hopefully we start to make some progress. I'm not asking for much, maybe just a little disgust at running around in your own urine! Is that to much?

Monday, August 4, 2008

And off we go!

So after many false promises and much delaying, Kadin and I have embarked on the potty training adventure! This morning we went to Target and got some fun green hand soap, a poster to mark his "successes" and fun animal stickers as a reward. I decided that the timer method would probably work the best for him since he is so impatient and has such a short attention span. So every fifteen minutes when the bell goes off, we troop off to the potty, sit down, sing three rounds of the "Super Why" Alpha pig alphabet song and then up we go and on with our day. So far, nothing has happened, but I am counting it successful so far because he is learning to go to the potty at regular intervals, and is sitting on the potty for increasingly longer periods of time without getting impatient. I'll keep you updated on the progress (leaving out all the gory details that are better left unsaid) as we tackle this whole new challenge. Jeremy and my goal is to have him pretty well trained by the time the new baby comes. We are hoping to avoid the double diaper duty! We'll see how it goes.